New Book: Follow along with Jack as he writes, in real time!


Book 11. Currently being researched and written. Follow along with Jack as he writes, in real time! Comment if you feel that way inclined. Here is chapter one.





A whisper from the wilderness calling.



Tingling fingers gripped and tugged at the boiling satin sheet, pleated and sandwiched against the hem of a covering mohair blanket, and tucked into the heavy, unmoving base of an expensive triple-inner-spring mattress. Hurriedly moved into place as darkness descended, the luxury mattress covered a small portion of the decaying floor timbers, with rifts wide enough for an adult to lose an index finger in between its enormous gaps. Aware of the dark space and the possibility for creeping things to enter from the abyss below him, Caylin hadn’t slept at all so far that night.

Taking a sideways glance at the sleeping form of his young wife, Lisa, and trying not disturb her, Caylin fought with the heat of the mohair blanket, trying to find a cool spot in the oppressive satin with his hot, fidgeting feet. A trickle of perspiration pooled on his brow and ran over his cheek, eventually tracking to its salty grave where the escaping bead dispersed and stained onto the satin pillow supporting his head. If it weren’t for the dingy and dark surrounds, the smell of ancient dust and musty, decaying wood painted with the threat of thick cobwebs sharing every crevice in the stuffy room, Caylin would’ve thrown off the coverings altogether. But this wasn’t the clean, air conditioned luxury of Baker Street or the opulent, three-storey mansion he was used to, fitting perfectly the elfin, slender shape and image of a successful, professional business executive. A pang of trapped injustice wafted menacingly across Caylin’s mind and threatened him with a contentious thought as he took stock of their newest acquisition and the lifestyle he’d been forced to leave behind. He swatted at the contempt and brought it back under check. Lisa wouldn’t accept any instance resembling a complaint from him.

Shifting his body again and staring uncomfortably through one of the many fractured window panes occupying a portion of the termite-infested wall above his head, the formless and dreary sky outside seemed more troubled than he. Something about the soulless night appeared out of place and offered him little comfort, while everything else about this current state of affairs screamed total insanity. Unable to focus on any discernable shapes in the craggy, nightmare room, Caylin’s nerve faltered, leaving him shivering with cowardliness. Goodness knows what horrific crawling things lurked in the breezeless and utter blackness of this tiny, crumbling structure… the only ‘habitable’ building associated with the ruins of Lisa’s faddish whim.

Located somewhere in the isolated backblocks of hick-land, neither he nor Lisa understood anything of the processes of farming, but still, and unbeknown to him, Lisa had already bought the property without his consent. Always informed of her plans as an afterthought, it was easier for Caylin to give in to her rather than face the storm of childish retribution should he dare to offer her his unwanted opinion… but this had dropped to a new level and could possibly be his end.

Caylin ‘was’ a well-to-do and respected partner in a busy city law firm, and soon to be considered for a position on the bench, a lifelong ambition of his. Lisa, however, had forcefully erased that dream and his previous life with the casual stroke of a pen on a title deed and a substantial withdrawal from his personal bank account. Trying to figure out his role in the new circumstances, Caylin took the length of the ten hour drive to work up the courage and confront his young wife. Professionally, Caylin wasn’t used to being on the back foot when challenged in an argument, but Lisa seemed to have the knack of keeping him there. Known by his colleagues as the lion of the courtroom… at home, he was a mouse and unable to defend himself against Lisa’s razor-sharp scorn.

Somewhere, not too far ahead, Caylin suspected an extravagant building project loomed, and knowing Lisa’s desire for complete opulence, he worried how they would finance it. Reduced to the ranks of the unemployed, everything they owned had been turned to a briefcase full of cash, but managed by a spendthrift, their finite resources would quickly leak away. Finally, anxious worry overrode the need for compliant peace, and bulldozed the slender Caylin into breaching the soundless hours with a stumbling attempt to engage. Lacking even the smallest courtesy of eye contact, Lisa retorted with a tacit reply, shutting the door with the finality of a shove. She continued to shuffle her to-do list without concern, and simply ordered him to start up a new business, expecting nothing less than a repeat of the success and the income they’d just discarded. Red-faced and unable to comprehend the impossibility associated with such a ludicrous demand, Caylin had learnt to retreat, and found solace escaping inside the inner man. Like all the times in his childhood when his overbearing and gossiping mother practised a similar kind of sorcery to Lisa’s, and forced Caylin to withdraw.

Over a decade younger than Caylin, and his second wife, Lisa was determinedly ambitious, deviously calculating and deliberately conniving in her quest to land herself a lifetime of luxury and a privileged meal ticket with as little effort as possible on her part, even if it meant having a man she considered weak as a reed, a pushover and beneath her dignity pawing at her intimate flesh. But that was the cost, and Caylin was blind to her deeds and the fact he had been specifically chosen. Yet when Lisa, the young secretary, trapped him in the office storeroom, the consummation was swift and the marriage of convenience began in earnest, leading Caylin to deviously seek her furtive charm over and over again.

Everything changed dramatically once he’d committed to take her to wife, falling down the slippery slopes and the deadly entrance to the abattoir runs. Indefinitely paying the cost, Caylin’s mind, body and soul had been pierced and entwined in razor wire, enslaved and always kept in check. Dancing to her constant demands for more, and consistently doing what was needed to keep Lisa and her insatiable lust for prestige and wealth fed and watered, or face the imminent threat of divorce once again.

Momentarily, his thoughts drifted over Kelly, Caylin’s first wife, as they often did when things grew difficult. It had taken the young lawyer all of his time and energy to finish law school, while at the same time holding down a mediocre job to pay the bills. Once he’d bowed down to the idol of the bar association and received ‘the approval’, he’d found a job as a junior in a struggling law firm. Rising quickly as a hotshot and girded with the carrot of a partnership, he was expected to build up a substantial list of loyal customers, often travelling overseas and working seventy-plus hours a week. When Caylin finally dropped back to earth and found a spare moment to be home, he was exhausted, forcing Kelly’s timbre to crack and drift further away from his. A wilful and strange spirited woman, Kelly seemed to acknowledge the sacrifices that had to be made, but on Caylin’s next visit home, she confessed she was pregnant with another man’s child and derailed the unsuspecting lawyer with a vicious hammerblow. Unable or unwilling to fight Kelly’s vigorous demand for a divorce, or for a fair division of assets, she eventually walked away with everything, leaving him almost destitute and viciously subdivided.

Soul searching and licking his wounds for almost two years afterwards, Caylin had rediscovered his faith and the love, guidance and acceptance of his childhood church. Re-entering the world to fight again, Caylin found the will to date, but women his age were rare and nearly always married. Forced to look in dubious places, Caylin’s eyes left the known sanctuary of his generation and sought consolation in the unfamiliar and peculiar younger scene… one that would eventually prove to be a knife in his heart.

A strange, scraping noise ground across the rusty metal roof just above their heads and froze Caylin in his thoughts, sending a prickle of shocking fear up and down his spine, but Lisa continued to sleep on, unaffected. The room seemed to lose all air and the stillness amplified the temperature, forcing Caylin to purposefully draw for his breath. Panic drove the slender man to his elbows, peering around the darkness of the room and to the blackness of the sky outside the windows. Moments passed as the situation intensified, and when he felt the hair on his arms bristle and saw Lisa’s dark locks crackling with electricity, Caylin’s body collapsed back to the mattress, unsure of what was about to happen.

Harsh light abruptly struck and pierced the darkness, illuminating every cobweb of the dismal room, and yet when the flash lingered and refused to leave, Caylin saw the unmistakable outline of a moving silhouette amplified against the back wall. Recognising the intense focus of car headlights looming stationary on the unsealed track leading into the property and obviously a long way back, the shadow appeared much larger than possible.

Terrified hands fumbled with the space under his pillow, searching for the ever-present secretary that held his life together. Swiping at the touch-screen, the appliance suddenly burst into life, pitifully challenging the car lights for the presence in the room. Flicking at the display with a trembling sweep, he searched for the emergency number he seldom used, but when no connection could be made, he considered waking Lisa. She would be annoyed at the interruption to her sleep as she always was and spring out of her corner fighting like a wild cat, but he was sure she would have no qualms challenging the disturbance and giving it a piece of her mind. Opportunistic thieves had stupidly challenged her property in the past and had come off by far the worst. If he could divert the fury from devouring him first.




Chapter 2








Jack Dey, born to adventure, lives in the tropical rainforest of North Queensland, Australia. He has three loves in his life: Jesus; the Editor (his wife of 30 something years); and writing adventure novels. He is the author of MAHiNA; Paradise Warrior; Aunt Tabbie's Wings; The Secrets of Black Dean Lighthouse; The Legend of Ataneq Nanuq, The Valley of Flowers; La Belle Suisse (co-authored with Dodie La Mirounette); Zero; Naive; and Brindabella's Prophet. His latest book, Apostate, is currently being researched and written - and you can follow the story along chapter by chapter as he writes in real time! Jack writes only to please Papa God and considers his writing a ministry, demanding nothing from the reader for his e-books. If you like Jack Dey’s books and would like to support his ministry, please consider praying for the team at Jack Dey and telling your friends about his titles. New books are written with the intention of being a pencil in Jesus’ hand and bringing joy and encouragement to you, the reader.

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3 comments on “New Book: Follow along with Jack as he writes, in real time!
  1. Gwennie Simpson says:

    Hello Jack !! Well…that was a terrific surprise! I got a cuppa and read chapter 1 . Then I decided to find out …what an Apostate is…and you have really hooked me in line and sinker and I’m longing to know more of the story of Apostate. It thrilled me to be able to READ PART OF A BOOK !! That hasn’t happened for yonks ! Now I’m hooked alright and wonder what the heck Lisa is up to and who the heck is after them?? LUV can cause lots of hidden downfalls eh ? This is gonna be GREAT !! I’m so pleased ya welcomed me into your courtyard Jack ! I’m here waiting and want to be put down as one of your spies. Lotsaluv. Gwennie. Hello Editor !! Reckon you are kept busy eh ? Well…what ever has to be done to be on this link…I do not know…but please put me down ?? Many thanks !!
    Ps…Why would someone walk in the footsteps of the unknown ????if it wasn’t BLIND LOVE eh ??!!!!


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