Predictably… history, it’s all happening again

In today’s complicated world, it is difficult to know what is truth and what is not. Especially when my truth is different to yours (i.e. how you see the world through your eyes, aka  your world view). It is imperative for all people to do their homework on what we are being told is truth and not just accept the current popular belief – peer pressure to conform. Today it is arguably recognised as the halo effect. Same symptom, different doctor.


In the years leading up to the new millennium, we were told by some inerrant scientists that the Y2K bug would destroy our computerised world as we know it and plunge us into a time of sheer unparalleled mayhem. Computers would literally stop functioning as the date rolled over into all zeros and a new millennium. Whole metropolises would lose sewerage works, power supplies, electricity, trains, buses, etc, etc. Panic reigned until the clock struck midnight and everything continued on as before. Now and with the aid of 20/20 hind sight, we know that Y2K was probably one of the greatest attempts at extortion upon the wealthy and somewhat gullible western world. Do you know who was responsible for the Y2K bug? And did they go to jail and make restitution for the billions of dollars spent on thwarting a popularised monster, that turned out to be an ant casting a shadow behind the curtain of peoples imagination?

Ok, so that was just one isolated incidence.

Oh really?!

Let’s take a look at an insignificant World War One lance corporal, who takes the world to the brink of destruction and murders millions upon millions of people and leaves an horrific scar upon the memories and daily lives of ordinary people. Many people lost loved ones and whole families, in some cases, simply ceased to exist. That’s right, people like you and me!

No, you don’t have to be a professor of the culinary arts to recognise Adolf Hitler. So how does an insignificant man rise to power and deceive a strongly Christian nation and turn them into willing murderers (remembering the reformation fathers came from sixteenth and seventh century Germany)? The factors behind the deceit of the German people were at best, well orchestrated and predictable.

The circumstances were ripe for change.

Germany was in a mess from the defeats of WWI and its economy was in tatters. The German people had lost their sense of national pride and were looking for hope and a strong leader who would lead them into a better life for all German people. Slowly, Hitler’s impassioned and charismatic speeches tantalised the ears of the people, offering them exactly what they were hoping for. Through his strict regimented regime, he gained control of the media, dissolved the law of the land and reconstructed German society into the rigors of Nazism until the Third Reich became unstoppable, even to those Germans who could see what was happening and didn’t want to be part of the new world order. If you were found to be an opponent to the new social system, you were reported to the authorities by your neighbours, family and friends and quickly silenced by the Nazi SS with a bullet to the head.

Have you heard of anything similar happening like this today?

So how did this madman inflict so much pain on a world already reeling from an all-in-war only a few short years before that? Some say it was the silent pulpits that endorsed Hitler’s scheme and then became a victim to the very system they had given their approval.


Or maybe there is something happening here that has happened since the beginning of time, easily traceable and identifiable through the pages and battles of history. Something that should sound alarm bells for us in the coming years.

It is clear that deceit is a major factor in these regimes gaining control of the masses.

Today it is difficult to know what is being broadcast to you through the media is in fact the truth. Governments lie to their people to keep from being brought to account by the people they represent and often governments have selfish motives for you not to know what is truly going on.

If you want to know who to trust in these turbulent days, grab a concise book on world history in one hand and the King James Version of the Bible in another. You will be surprised at what you find.

The Bible clearly lays out the final battle and the strategy of the Evil One in the end times through the prophesies of Daniel, Ezekiel, Revelation and others. If you want to know what your future holds and the final victor, the answers are all there.

I want to make you aware of the tactics of the God of the Bible and the tactics of the devil.

The way of Jesus-God is love, peace, joy, self control, long suffering, kindness, gentleness, meekness, respect, etc. You will know His true people by these traits. (Be warned: Jesus is also a warrior King and is coming back soon to take the world back by force from the hands of the Evil One and when He comes, He won’t be happy! Don’t be caught on the wrong side!)

The way of the devil is deceit, hate, rob, kill and destroy. You will know who belongs to him by their traits.

Finally, I can recommend the expositions of Dr Chuck Missler from He has excellent and informative guides that explain the Bible; that will open your understanding to the treasures hidden there and help insulate you from today’s complex deceit.

See you on the battle field.












Jack Dey, born to adventure, lives in the tropical rainforest of North Queensland, Australia. He has three loves in his life: Jesus; the Editor (his wife of 30 something years); and writing adventure novels. He is the author of MAHiNA; Paradise Warrior; Aunt Tabbie's Wings; The Secrets of Black Dean Lighthouse; The Legend of Ataneq Nanuq, The Valley of Flowers; La Belle Suisse (co-authored with Dodie La Mirounette); Zero; Naive; and Brindabella's Prophet. His latest book, Apostate, is currently being researched and written - and you can follow the story along chapter by chapter as he writes in real time! Jack writes only to please Papa God and considers his writing a ministry, demanding nothing from the reader for his e-books. If you like Jack Dey’s books and would like to support his ministry, please consider praying for the team at Jack Dey and telling your friends about his titles. New books are written with the intention of being a pencil in Jesus’ hand and bringing joy and encouragement to you, the reader.

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2 comments on “Predictably… history, it’s all happening again
  1. Kathy Olson says:

    Yeah. Its a really scary situation. I worked in a social science class last week where the teacher laid the past situation with the Germans out next to the current situation with Isis and ask the kids to decide if it could happen again. Why or why not. She neglected to tell them how many thousands of Christians Isis has killed in Iraq since the summer began….makes you think…


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